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  • i.design TADELAKT

  • Thin decorative plaster

  • i.design TADELAKT is a decoration plaster, 100% natural and ready to use. i.design TADELAKT is a perfect alternative to tiles in bathrooms, spas, wet rooms and hammams, as it is in Morocco. Completely natural i.design TADELAKT is produced with natural hydraulic lime, natural additives and fine sands to prevent cracks.

Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001 Standard

Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag, Sheathed pallet

  • Pallet 25-kg paper bags / Pallets of 60 bags (1500 kg)


i.design TADELAKT is a dry decorative mortar with a specific mix designed to reduce the cracks, very common with traditional oriental tadelakts.
Its use is very simple and decrease time of application. It can be coloured with pigments compatible with limes.

Fields of application

To make traditional tadelakts


  • i.design TADELAKT is a traditional decorative Tadelakt (water-resistant and excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and hammams, along with "savonite")
  • It can be applied directly to all lime, lime and cement, cement or gypsum board substrates. For other walls, it requires application of PRIMER SAN TOMMASO
  • i.design TADELAKT is bright and can be easily coloured 
  • Because of its admixtures, it reduces the risk of cracks
  • Fewer layers compared to a traditional tadelakt produced with lime from the Marrakech area 
  • More crack-resistant than other Tadelakt made from Marrakech lime
  • Very breathable
  • Naturally mould-resistant
  • Time-tested
  • Natural and green


  • Do not use acid detergent to clean and protect the tadelakt. Use black soap only
  • Do not apply outside
  • Do not create any sgraffito if the tadelakt has to be in contact with water (a bath for example)

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