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  • Mortar against salpeter

  • i.tech RINZAFFO is a dry mortar specially created against dampness and its effects that can create conditions which are unhealthy. It avoids problem of salt. i.tech RINZAFFO is particularly suitable for the restoration of external walls. It is intented to be covered with i.tech VENEZIANO.

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Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag, Sheathed pallet

  • Pallet 63 bags of 25 kg per pallet (1575 kg)


i.tech RINZAFFO is a technical mortar and works in association with i.design CENT% for the finishing coat. It is dedicated to restoration works and it treats problems of salts in old buildings.
i.tech RINZAFFO captures the salts in the wall, then i.tech VENEZIANO filters them and protect the wall like a classical render. i.design CENT% finishes the cycle and colors the façades.

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  • i.tech RINZAFFO has got a low modulus of elasticity
  • It allows buildings to "breathe", and does not trap moisture in the walls
  • It re-absorbs the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the calcination (firing) of the lime, thus partially offsetting the large amount emitted during its manufacture
  • Easy mechanical application
  • The lime contained in i.tech RINZAFFO guarantuys the reversibility of the mortar and a good regulation of the dampness
  • Resistance factor to the diffusion of water vapor for i.tech RINZAFFO: μ<10
  • The inert and expanded minerals and the additives improve performances in terms of adhesion and workability of the mortar


  • Always prepare the supports removing dammaged joins. Repair the joins with a lime mortar (with i.pro CHAUX SOCLI or i.pro CHAUX RABOT)
  • Always work between 5° and 30°C
  • Humidify the wall before application (the evening before)
  • Always remove excess mortar at the bottom of the wall
  • Always take care of excessive weather conditions (rain and sun) and protect walls
  • Store bags in dry conditions maximum one year after production date, mentioned on the bags

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