• i.pro Lime Socli
  • i.pro BATILIANT

  • Hydraulic lime HL 5

  • Hydraulic lime i.pro BATILIANT complies with Standard EN 459-1 for building limes. It is grey in colour and designed for use in masonry works and in the first layers of renders. It is applied manually.

Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001 Standard

Available in

  • Pack type 30 kg Bag, Sheathed pallet

  • Pallet 30-kg bags / Pallets of 49 bags (1470 kg) (34-L bags)

  • Bulk

Fields of application

  • Concrete blocks, clay bricks or stone masonry
  • First layers of renders


  • Fat and creamy product
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatibility with several substrates (concrete blocks, clay bricks or hard stones)
  • i.pro BATILIANT prevents shrinkage or cracks
  • Easy to float
  • Reduces capillary rises


  • Always remove excess mortar at the bottom of the wall
  • Always take care in excessive weather conditions (rain and sun) and protect the walls
  • Work between 5°C and 30°C
  • Protect the substrates during and after application
  • Store the bags in dry conditions for a maximum of 6 months after the production date, as specified on the bags
  • Do not make reinforced concrete with i.pro BATILIANT
  • Do not apply on the following substrates: gypsum, old walls with salt (use i.tech RINZAFFO and i.tech VENEZIANO) or timber frames (choose i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE)

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