• i.pro Lime Socli

  • Hydraulic lime HL 3.5 

  • i.pro CHAULYS GRIS-BEIGE is a natural hydraulic lime with additives. It is dedicated to mechanical application with adapted and soft strenghts. i.pro CHAULYS GRIS-BEIGE is alone on the market and complies with the European Standard on Building limes (EN 459-1).

Also for renewal


Innovative product
Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001 Standard

Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag, Sheathed pallet

  • Pallet 25-kg bags / Pallets of 63 bags (1575 kg)

Fields of application

Internal and external renders (mechanical application)


It has all the properties of natural hydraulic limes:
  • It has a low modulus of elasticity
  • It allows buildings to "breathe", and does not trap moisture in the walls
  • Stone and brickwork bonded with lime are easier to re-use
  • It re-absorbs the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during the calcination (firing), thus partially offsetting the large amount emitted during its production
  • This hydraulic lime enables productivity and saves time on projects, ensuring the use of lime in eco-construction (green buildings) or restoration works.


  • Always remove excess mortar at the bottom of the wall
  • Always take care in excessive weather conditions (rain and sun) and protect the walls
  • Work between 8°C and 30°C
  • Protect the substrates during and after application
  • Store bags in dry conditions for one year after the production date, as specified on the bags
  • Do not make reinforced concrete with NHL
  • Do not use for masonry works
  • Do not add any admixture
  • Do not apply on the following substrates: gypsum, old walls with salt (use i.tech RINZAFFO and i.tech VENEZIANO) or timber frames (choose i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE)

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