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  • Rendering mortar (CR)

  • i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT is a natural hydraulic lime render, designed for renders on timber-frame structures. It complies with European Standard EN 998-1. i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT is used before the application of i.design CENT% for finishing coats. 

Innovative product
Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001 Standard

Available in

  • Pack type 30 kg Bag, Sheathed pallet

  • Pallet 30-kg bags / Pallets of 49 bags (1470 kg)


i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE is an undercoat, lime-based. It is designed for timber frame buildings and is applied on special mesh.

Fields of application

  • Renders on timber frames


i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT shares its properties with the natural hydraulic lime it contains:
  • Mortars strengthen in two stages: an initial and faster setting occurs when in contact with water and a second setting occurs with exposure to the air as the lime absorbs CO2
  • Those two combined and gentle settings reduce any risk of shrinkage and protect the substrates against humidity.
  • It has a low elasticity modulus
  • It allows buildings to "breathe", and does not trap moisture in the walls
  • i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT re-absorbs the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the calcination of the lime, thus partially offsetting the large amount emitted during its manufacture
  • Easy to spray


  • Work between 8°C and 30° C
  • Protect from sun and wind to prevent excessive drying
  • Wet the wall the day before application
  • Always work on clean walls
  • Store the bags in dry conditions for a maximum of one year after the production date, as specified on the bags
  • Always prepare the i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT mixture with a metal lathing (special timber frame designed for outdoor applications)
  • Choose i.design CENT% FINITION S or M for the finishing coat
  • Do not make reinforced concrete with i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE SOUS ENDUIT
  • Do not add any additives or admixtures
  • Do not apply on the following substrates: gypsum, old walls with salt (use i.tech RINZAFFO and i.tech VENEZIANO)
  • Do not apply during periods of frost

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