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  • Natural sand

  • The BATISABLE range comprises different dry sand for masonry mortars or renders. It comes in bag form in 3 colours: white, ginger and grey.

Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag

  • Pallet 25-kg bags / Pallets of 56 bags (1400 kg)


BATISABLE is a range of 3 natural and coloured sands. They can be used in mortars or concrete design (for masonry, renders, finishing renders, repointing, etc.)

Fields of application

Recommended for all masonry works:
  • Stone, brick and concrete block masonry
  • Repointing
  • Renders and plasters
  • Screeds
  • Concrete (with gravels)
WHITE BATISABLE can be used to fill up children's sandpits


  • BATISABLE sands are eco-friendly and natural,  derived from river beds
  • BATISABLE is mixed with lime, giving strength and cohesion to the mortars and, of course, giving them colour
  • A bright and natural product, white lime facilitates production of quality architectural finishes, thanks to coloured sands
  • Easy to supply (requested quantity)
  • It is clean to work with on-site, especially in urban areas
  • Regular granulometries (From 0/2 mm to 0/3 mm, depending on the colours)


  • To obtain the final colour of a render in advance, blend dry sand and natural hydraulic lime
  • It's possible to obtain a stronger colour using pigments (the pigment weight should be a maximum of 3% compared to the lime)