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  • Internal and external lime paint

  • Real limewash, ready to use, natural and non-filtered (with grains), for internal and external walls.

Also for renewal
Sustainable product

Available in

  • Pack type 800 ml, 4 L, 12 L

  • Pallet 4-L and 12-L buckets


CENTRI STORICI is a lime paint (non filtered), type lime wash. It's sold in white colour. CENTRI STORICI is compatible with many different substrates (internal or external).

Fields of application

Limewash for internal and external walls


  • True traditional limewash (with small grains), can be applied inside or outside, with a brush in 2 layers. The 1st layer can be done with a roller to save time
  • CENTRI STORICI does not pose any health risks. It is made of fat lime, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, methylcellulose, guar gum, primers, dispersants, formaldehyde-free bactericidal, additives (<3%)
  • It prevents any moisture on facades
  • It can be applied on every kind of lime, lime and cement and gypsum substrate, or on porous paint (with a first application of an acrylic paint or vinylic paint on plaster board, and of PRIMER SAN TOMMASO on non-porous paint)
  • A wide range of 320 colours guarantees a precise colour (the mixtures can be prepared in advance for homogeneity on sites)
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes and hygrometry
  • Very good adhesion to substrates 


  • Do not work directly on a non-porous substrate
  • Do not apply outside of 10°C to 30°C
  • Do not expose to rain or cold the day after application (always protect the substrate)