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  • Hydrated Lime CL 90-S

  • CHAUX AIMOS is an old lime putty (minimum one year old), in line with the European Standard for building lime (EN 459-1).

Also for renewal

Available in

  • Pack type 21 kg

  • Pallet 21-kg buckets / Pallets of 48 buckets (1008 kg)


CHAUX AIMOS is an old lime putty, very white and extremely fine. It is used for decorative works (very thin finishing renders, lime paints, etc.)

Fields of application

  • Finishing plasters
  • Thin decorative plasters
  • Paintings
  • Marmorinos


Hydrated limes have many specific features:
  • They are fine and have superior creaminess
  • Very white
  • Air setting is spread over time, allowing multiple finishes
  • Advance preparation of mortars or limewashes (no time limit for application in good storage conditions)
Main characteristics
Chemical and mechanical characteristics
CaO 95.9%
MgO <0.1%
CO2 <0.1%
Free lime content  61% 



  • Prepare the required quantity for a wall or an entire room at the same time and in advance
  • Combined with marble powder and talco, our lime putty enables paintings
  • Never work during periods of frost or on frozen substrates, and protect them from the sun and wind
  • Always remove the surplus of mortar at the feet of walls before setting begins
  • Prepare the required quantity of mortar or paint at the same time and in advance
  • Hydrated lime setting takes time, so plaster application during winter may be dangerous. Hydrated lime will be completely set after 8-9 months. Spring is the best season for application (water contained in the mortars cannot froze)
  • Do not carry out reinforced concrete or masonry works
  • Do not apply on substrate with saltpeter (use i.tech RINZAFFO and i.tech VENEZIANO ANTI SALT) or on wood structures (i.pro MUR CENTENAIRE)