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  • Protection

  • CARNAUBA WAX is a protection for tadelakts and marmorinos. It is mixed with BLACK SOAP for this application.

Available in

  • Pack type 150 g

  • Pallet 150-g jar


CARNAUBA WAX is a natural wax, to be used with BLACK SOAP, for the protection of decorative wall such as marmorino or tadelakt.

Fields of application

For protection, maintenance and cleaning of marmorino and tadelakt


  • Natural amber gel milk, with olive oil, used for the protection of marmorinos and tadelakts
  • Water resistant, it protects lime walls, especially those exposed to water (basins, showers…)
  • Can be used pure or mixed with BLACK SOAP. Used with BLACK SOAP, it creates savonite


Preparation of savonite: 

  • Blend 3 spoons of BLACK SOAP with 1 L of water
  • Bring to the boil
  • Add 5 g of CARNAUBA WAX
  • Cool and apply
Cleaning with soaping water