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  • DECORATION WAX is a protection for lime decorations. Ready to use, it can be applied directly on the substrates to be protected.

Available in

  • Pack type 1 L

  • Pallet 1- L tin


DECORATION WAX is a protection wax for internal walls. It is suitable for many types of substrates, such as lime wash and patinas.

Fields of application

Protection for lime paints and decorations


  • Colourless gel that protects and hydrates the internal wall lime surfaces: paints, limewash, marmorino
  • Allows cleaning of soiled materials and prevents the development of stains on lime decorations, which absorbs fat splashes
  • Easy to use, it can be applied with a cluster or flat brush, directly onto the lime paints, for example


  • Substrates have to be clean and dust-free before applying DECORATION WAX
  • Always apply DECORATION WAX to a small section of wall to check the colour before applying to the entire wall. DECORATION WAX can colour the walls
Cleaning with soapy water