• i.pro Socli

  • Water repellent

  • Colourless and silicone-free liquid, specially formulated for waterproofing walls and facades, which increases the service life and enables self-cleaning, while letting them breathe.

Available in

  • Pack type 5 L

  • Pallet 5-L buckets


HYDRO S is a protection for external walls that gives them waterproof properties and increases their service life.

Fields of application

Waterproofing walls


  • HYDRO S can be applied neat to all construction materials: lime, cement, tile, marmorino, stone and cellular concrete, both tinted and uncoated
  • It is not effective on non-porous sunstrates such as some paints coatings, glass and glazed tile
  • Easy to use, it is applied by spraying from bottom to top on a rain-protected substrate until saturated
  • It is effective after 24 hours and becomes tolerant to rain after 4 hours of drying
  • HYDRO S increases the life of materials
  • It prevents infiltration due to shrinkage


  • Wait 8 days before applying HYDRO S if the substrate was cleaned  beforehand (essential if it has not been coated recently)
  • Wait 28 days before applying HYDROS S if the coating or the joints are new
  • Apply a defoaming product to every façade that is more than 6 months old 
  • Do not expose HYDRO S to rain during application and within 4 hours