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  • Admixture for natural lime

  • METHYLCELLULOSE is chosen for the preparation of lime paints, lime washes or lime mortars and marmorinos.

Available in

  • Pack type 1 L, 8 L

  • Pallet 1-L and 8-L buckets


METHYLCELLULOSE is an admixture for lime paints and renders and confers them a special creaminess, useful for many decorative works.

Fields of application

Preparation of lime paints, lime washes, lime mortars or marmorinos


  • METHYLCELLULOSE gives a significant creaminess to mortars 
  • It increases the workability of mortars
  • It protects mortars and paints against drying too fast 
Technical characteristics
Concentration of metoxi (%) 
Hidroxipropoxi (%) 4.0-12.0
LOD (%)  5 max
Dry residue (%)  1.5 max
pH (25ºC)  4.0-8.0
Viscosity (mPa.s)  18000-22000



  • Respect the recommended amount
  • Blend the powder before hand to prevent lumps and wait before using
  • Let the preparation thicken for 2 hours before application


Cleaning with water