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  • Mineraliser, hardener, waterproofer

  • MINELYS is a mineraliser and hardener that acts as a waterproofer. It makes surfaces highly resistant to a depth of 3 to 4 mm.

Available in

  • Pack type 5 kg Bag

  • Pallet 5-kg can


MINELYS is a mineraliser, hardener and waterproofer for external walls.

Fields of application

MINELYS is used when permanent dryness is required (waterproofing, crumbling dusting) façades, walls, old backgrounds.


  • MINELYS is a mineraliser and hardener with a repellent effect, which complements waterproofing
  • This product uses water as a vehicle and uses it to crystallise, harden and mineralise, reinforcing the surfaces to be treated
  • MINELYS allows an in-depth treatment (3 to 4 mm) and makes the board waterproof and resistant
  • It can be used pure for cases of erosion. A definitive drying time is required for every type of lime, cement, stone, brick, or plaster substrate
  • It also acts as a saltpeter fixative. It blocks the salts driven by the capillary rise of water
  • Apply neat, by spraying one or two layers, depending on the substrate condition


  • Protect painted, glass and tiled surfaces, as well as lightweight alloys, to avoid damaging them
  • Protect from the rain during and after application (4 hours minimum)
  • Do not apply during periods of frost