• i.design Paints Socli

  • Sparkling pigments

  • The range of sparkling pigments is designed for colouring SOCLI's range of paints, marmorinos and decorative renders. A colour-chart of pre-defined colours allows for many possibilities and with only 8 pigments, preparation is easy.

Available in

  • Pack type 1 kg

  • Pallet 1-kg pots


Pigments compatible with natural limes and sparkling in water.

Fields of application

Paint, patina, marmorino and lime render colouration


  • No problems with bulk buying or storage
  • Colouration easy to prepare on site
  • 320 pre-defined colours with only 8 pigments


  • Always prepare colour samples before use
  • Dry with a hair dryer to quickly obtain the final sample colour
  • For a render, you can get an idea of the final colour by mixing the lime, dry sands and pigments
  • To avoid any colour differences, prepare the colouration of the paint, limewash, etc. at the same time.