• i.design Paints Socli

  • Internal lime paint

  • Ready to use lime paint, 100% natural, without grain for internal walls.

Sustainable product

Available in

  • Pack type 800 ml, 4 L, 12 L

  • Pallet 800-ml pots, 4-L and 12-L buckets


PITTURA VIVA is lime paint for internal applications with natural additives.

Fields of application

Internal lime paints.


  • 100% natural
  • A wide range of 320 colours guarantees a precise colour (the mixtures can be prepared in advance for homogeneity on sites)
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes and hygrometry
  • Very good adhesion to substrates
  • May form a protective wax
  • May form a patina to obtain more colours
  • Can be applied on many substrates (lime, cement with 60-70% lime content, gypsum or breathing paints). On non-porous substrates, apply PRIMER SAN TOMMASO before applying the paint


  • Do not work on a closed-off substrate
  • Do not apply outside of 10°C to 30 °C
  • SOCLI sparkling pigments
  • SOCLI natural and synthetic pigments