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  • Thin coat

  • TONACHINO DI SAN TOMMASO is a  ready to use natural, white, hydrated lime-based mortar. It is applied manually on inside and outside walls.

Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag, 800 ml

  • Pallet 800-ml pots and 25-kg buckets


TONACHINO DI SAN TOMMASO is a thin and white decorative render. Applied with a float, it is very easy to work thanks to its extreme creaminess.

Fields of application

Internal and external decorative renders


  • Ready to use without any adjunction of water or additives
  • Can be used a finishing plaster and a preparation plaster for paint or marmorino as well
  • Very good covering capacity
  • Natural white due to the fine marble powder
  • Good bonding
  • Very suitable for humid spaces sets directly on all lime or lime and cement substrates. For other walls, it requires application of PRIMER SAN TOMMASO
  • Only two coats should be applied
  • Enables a wider range of finishing aspects (smooth, mopped, structured, etc.) It can also be used as preparation for a marmorino or a lime paint


  • Do not dilute