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  • Admixture for natural limes

  • XCHARGE makes thick coatings, where it is often necessary to work with irregular old stones or brick walls.

Available in

  • Pack type 70 g, 3,5 kg

  • Pallet 70-g doses (50-dose buckets)


XCHARGE is an admixture improving the thickness of mortars application.

Fields of application

  • Enables levelling of old walls in a single layer, refills holes and creates a large thickness in lime or cement coatings


  • Thick powder that gives an important thixotropic power to mortars
  • Distributes water and air inside mortars, always in the same proportions
  • Provides significant thicknesses (from 4 cm to 7 cm or more) in one mechanical application


  • Do not add too much water immediately when beginning mortar preparation, in order to control workability
  • Add XCHARGE to the binder and sand before adding water
  • Mortars will stay pasty before and during application

Cleaning with water