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  • i.design EFFIX CREA (very high performance mortar) is dedicated to designers and architects.

Innovative product

Very high performance mortar

Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001Standard


  • i.design EFFIX CREA is a ready-to-use mortar consisting of cement pre-blended with sand, fibres and admixtures as needed for its manufacture.
  • The fibres used are alkali-resistant glass fibres

Follow this link to discover some works of a belgium designer realized with i.design EFFIX CREA.


Fields of application

  • i.design EFFIX CREA is a very high performance mortar to be used for manufacturing non-structural elements and decorative objects.


Physical properties:

Mixing with water yields a very flowable ivory mortar.

Fresh mortar density 2.340 kg/m3
Particle size distribution 0 – 500 µm


Mechanical properties:
(According to the placing conditions envisaged by the project).
Average values based on 4x4x16 cm prisms
  Compressive strength at 20°C Flexural strength at 20°C
At 1 day ≥ 60 MPa ≥ 6 MPa
At 7 days ≥ 90 MPa ≥ 7 MPa
At 28 days ≥ 100 MPa ≥ 9 MPa




  • Work at an ambient temperature between 5° C and 25° C.
  • Ambient temperature can actually affect application time as follows:
    • about 5°C: < 90 minutes
    • about 20°C: < 45 minutes
    • about 25°C: < 5 minutes
  • In hot weather, store bags at a temperature below the ambient air and mix cold water to extend workability time.
  • Ensure that all mould/formwork joints are properly sealed to prevent leakage; in case they are not, use silicone joints to fill leaks, if any.
  • All surfaces in contact with i.design EFFIX CREA should be clean and coated with a thin layer of highgrade formwork/mould release oil. The use of clean, proper brushes or clothes is absolutely necessary for this step.
  • Provide effective protection against desiccation (dryingout), especially when manufacturing thin and long elements (i.e. those featuring a significant exposed surface/volume ratio). The use of wet non-woven fabrics and plastic sheets or the even distribution of an antievaporation agent has been shown to provide an adequate solution to the problem.
  • Protect from frost, wind and direct sun during setting and hardening.
  • Removal of formwork/mould can be performed after 18-24 hours.
  • After demoulding, elements must be kept wet or be immersed in water at 20°C for at least 7 days. During early curing, avoid storage in hot, dry and windy weather.
  • The use of a suitable surface protection product is highly advisable.

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