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  • i.pro STABEX is a natural binder for soil stabilization.

Innovative product

Available in

  • Pack type 35 kg Bag

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 i.pro STABEX is a sand stabilization product. It is composed of natural hydraulic lime in accordance with European Standard EN 459-1 on building lime, and an hydraulic binder with pozzolanic effect. It was designed to ensure the stability of paths and walkways. There are two types of i.pro STABEX treatment: stabilization of the existing soil or treated sand applied.

i.pro STABEX can also exist in mortar version (on demand with chosen sands).

Fields of application

Can be used:
  • On pedestrian walkways
  • In village squares
  • On bike paths and other little-used roads
  • On hiking trails and forest paths
  • On external refurbishment of houses
  • On bowling greens etc.


Composed essentially of natural hydraulic lime, i.pro STABEX is an ecological product with many combined
properties of limes and road binders:
  • It prevents dust in summer, and mud and ruts on the fairways in winter
  • i.pro STABEX guarantees excellent driving comfort, whatever the season
  • It is natural, and preserves the colour of the earth and treated sands. It thus observes regional specificities
  • i.pro STABEX makes ground care easy. Its high lime dosage reduces the regrowth of weeds
  • A simple sweep is all that is required for maintenance
  • i.pro STABEX is reversible. If only partially responsive, the ground may be re-treated with the same material
  • It reduces the water content in soil
  • i.pro STABEX facilitates compaction and flocculates clays
  • It is ecological, preserves the colour of local areas and enables natural walkways to be built


  • Always make one or more boards for testing to confirm the selection of sand and / or the mixture
  • Always work between 10°C and 30° C
  • Protect from the sun and wind
  • Cover the treated sand with plastic protection for a minimum of 24 hours after application
  • Store the bags in dry conditions for a maximum of 6 months after the production date


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