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  • i.design CAEB

  • Hydrated lime (CL 90-S)

  • i.design CAEB hydrated lime is a very fine calcic lime, appropriate for thin finishing renders. Its significant whiteness allows coloured preparations to be made using natural sands or pigments. i.design CAEB complies with the European Standard for building limes (EN 459-1).

Also for renewal
Sustainable product

Produced according to ISO 14001 Standard

Available in

  • Pack type 25 kg Bag

  • Pallet 40 bags of 25 kg per pallet (1000 kg)


i.design CAEB is a very white calcic lime, perfect for realization of internal or external renders (with special colors) or lime washes and decoration projects

i.design CAEB is classified CL 90 - S, conform to EN 459-1 Standard .

Fields of application

  • Finishing coats
  • Decorative thin renders
  • Limewashes and lime paints
  • Marmorino


i.design CAEB has requested characteristics for making delicate decorations that follow traditions:
  • Furthers the breathing of walls and gas exchanges
  • Prevents rising damp in the walls
  • Soft and smooth mortars, easy to implement, thanks to its finesse
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Highlights local sands with its consistent whiteness, which provides all the colours you want
  • Allows the preparation of mortars or limewashes (paint) in advance without any time limitation on the application


  • Work between 8°C and 30°C
  • Protect the substrates during and after the application from very low or high temperatures to avoid any setting problems
  • Follow recommendations for each use
  • Store in dry conditions for one year after the production date, as specified on the bags