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  • i.pro BATISTONE

  • Masonry mortar

  • i.pro BATISTONE is a natural mortar dedicated to the masonry of stones and bricks, and for use in pointing works. It has a natural hydraulic lime base and also contains sand that is selected for a perfect granulometry (0/4 mm).
    i.pro BATISTONE complies with European Standards.


  • Conditionnement 30 kg, Big Bag

  • Palette 25-kg paper bags / Pallets of 60 bags (1500 kg)

  • Vrac


i.pro BATISTONE is a dry mortar, natural hydraulic lime basis. It is dedicated to the masonry of soft and hard stones. Its workability and its creaminess are very important and useful for work.

Fields of application

  • Masonry of stones, earth bricks, clay bricks, hemp blocks, etc


i.pro BATISTONE mortar is a real traditional mortar made from natural hydraulic lime, specially created for restoration works as well as green building. It shares its characteristics with lime:
  • Workability that facilitates its application
  • Low mechanical strength in terms of natural substrates like soft stones or bricks (around 3.5 MPa)
  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Lets the walls breathe using a vapour exchange to prevent problems with dampness 
  • It has a low elasticity modulus
  • It allows buildings to "breathe", and does not trap moisture in the walls
  • i.pro BATISTONE re-absorbs the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the calcination (firing) of the lime, thus partially offsetting the large amount emitted during its manufacture
  • Easy application
  • Guarantee of an industrial blend for better regularity



  • Dampen the stones, bricks or blocks before applying i.pro BATISTONE
  • Always take care in excessive weather conditions (rain and sun) and protect the walls
  • Use a natural hydraulic lime mortar for renders combined with i.pro BATISTONE (e.g,. i.design CENT%)
  • Store bags in dry conditions for a maximum of 1 year after the production date, as specified on the bags
  • Do not make reinforced concrete with i.pro BATISTONE
  • Always work between 8°C and 30°C and outside of frost periods