• i.tech Ciment et liants Socli
  • i.tech PERCOCEM HP

  • High performance self-percolating cementitious slurry 

  • Product for performing ground with very high performance.


  • Conditionnement 25 kg, Big Bag, Palette houssée

  • Vrac


Dry mixture of grey cement and admixtures.

i.tech PERCOCEM HP is used as slurry ready for filling open coated. This slurry, homogeneous and very fluid, has a high stability. 
Once percolated over the entire asphalt and after taking the slurry, i.tech PERCOCEM HP provides a monolithic assembly of very high mechanical strength.

Fields of application

  • Industrial platforms
  • Warehouses and storerooms
  • Lanes of handling vehicles
  • Airport areas
  • Corridors of bus and tram
  • Test tracks for military vehicles


  • Ready Mix product
  • Simple and rapid manufacturing of the slurry
  • Industrially consistent manufactured product
  • Easy to use
  • Quality controls performed by our factory and our internal laboratory
Service Restoration Time*
  • Foot traffic: after 24 hours
  • Light traffic (V.L.) and storage: after 3 days
  • Heavy traffic: after 7 days
* For an average temperature of 20 ° C