i.nova: 11 family, 11 performance

What is i.nova?

i.nova is the innovative market approach through which Italcementi Group aims to offer its leadership in innovation to the building community.
i.nova groups all products  -  the various types of cement, concrete, mortar and lime - into 11 Performance Families in order to simplify the purchasing process and guarantee the same readily understandable approach, organized in a common language, to all customers from all world markets.
The i.nova Branding System is designed as an explanatory guide using a straightforward and intuitive visual language to provide customers with clearer and easier guidance on the Group's product ranges so that the right solution is immediately identified.
Through i.nova, Italcementi Group confirms attention placed on customers by putting them at the centre of a strategy focused on delivering solutions (performance) according to their needs instead of simply selling a product (best price - best product approach).

A new language brings universal recognition

The spiral

This symbol stands for our Group around the world as a guarantee of quality, know-how and excellence; it comes in 11 different colours to signal the various families of performance in an intuitive way.


This is the central concept around which we have rationalized our product range world-wide, an effective organizing principle, which is also our easily-recognized key: highlight what the product does.


The number of Families, corresponding to the 11 performance by which the Group's entire range of products (cement, concrete, lime, mortar) is grouped.


For "Italcementi Group" and for "innovation": the recognition code characterizing the name of each of the 11 Families.

Performance, non solo cemento


All classic products with our quality assurance and know-how


Products for professional use,designed to facilitate the users' work


Highly technological products,able to guarantee ultra-high performance in terms of strength and safety


Quick-setting products aimed at accelerating application times


Self-compacting and self-leveling products, specially designed to minimize user's effort


The acoustic insulation product range that improves living comfort


The thermal insulation product range for energy-saving projects


Water-related performance products


All products for highly aesthetic purposes (architectural, design and artistic applications)


Products containing the TX Active photocatalytic principle with self-cleaning and depolluting properties


Et si le béton illuminait l'espace ?